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    Batterskull: Concert and Album Reviews.

    Batterskull: Ty's Recent Black Metal Discoveries Vol.2

    Batterskull: Ty's Recent Black Metal Discoveries Vol.2

    Hey guys! It's your homie Ty here for another Black Metal Discoveries blog. Hoping to keep these coming once in awhile and of course it won't just be focused on Black Metal. Some Of these discoveries are old school and some are pretty new, but these blogs are based the bands I discovered recently ( past week). I'm not gonna do the bold section after the album cover imma try to clean it up so it looks neater and fits the blog more.
    Alruna - Relieving The Altar
    Alruna is a Black Metal band hailing from Austria. These guys have a very fuzzy and raw sound that is displayed very well on this demo. Lyrically Alruna focuses on Alpine Myths, Occultism, and of course Nature. In this mix of fuzzy and buried instrumentation we get some light synth work that really gives this Demo a kick and adds to the foreboding Atmosphere. The Demo only consist of four songs and really doesn't have any weak points in my opinion. If you are looking for some fresh 2018 Black Metal go ahead and check out Alruna via Bandcamp and YouTube.
    Alruna (Austria) - Relieving The Altar (2018) full demo blackmetal
    Tracklist :
    1. Preludium
    2. Relieving The Altar
    3. Spells Cast Unto The Silver Gleem Of The Mountains
    4. Postudium
    Temple Moon - Demo 1
    If you are a fan of more Melodic Black Metal Temple Moon is right up your alley! Temple Moon hailing from Scotland plays a straightforward and melodic form of Black Metal that focuses on Nature as the main lyrical theme. The record has these very faint and distant sounding screams that have become common in most modern Black Metal mainly Atmospheric Black Metal. The drums and guitars are audible but the vocals are the highest in the mix and more in your face. This demo does only consist of two songs but, if you wanna dig them more check out their split with Pa Vesh En! If you like some Melodic Black Metal focused around nature check out this wicked demo by Temple Moon! You can buy this via Bandcamp and or listen to it via YouTube.
    Temple Moon - Demo I (full demo) 2018
    Tracklist :
    1. Spectral Ascension Through Winter Stars
    2. Endless Cold Upon The Ancient Forest
    Liars Of Golgotha - Ancient Wars
    If you like Synth driven Black Metal then Liars Of Golgotha is a band you should check out! Netherlands based Liars Of Golgotha would relate to Old Mans Child and Emperor. Really relying on synths and melodic riffs to carry the songs. This record is super badass, its chalk full of riffs and epic symphonics. The production is pretty solid and it really hits me with a Stormblast Era Dimmu Borgir vibe. The band also uses lyrical influences such as HP Lovecraft and some twist on blasphemy. If you are an avid fan of Symphonic Black Metal check out Liars Of Golgotha! You can listen to Ancient Wars via youtube and Spotify!
    Liar of Golgotha - Ancient Wars (Full Album)
    Tracklist :
    1. Ghost Of The Ancient Siberian Wolfcult
    2. Night Of The Falling Stars
    3. Mission Of Domination
    4. Remembering The Ancient Wars
    5. Forbidden Ancient Continent
    6. In Praise Of Cthulu
    7. Atmospheres Of Elder Times
    8. Ways Of The Wind
    9. Goddess Rising
    10. The Fall
    Riivaus - Lyoden Taudein Ja Kirouksin
    Riivaus is a Finnish Black Metal band that focuses on the classic Black Metal themes of Satanism. If you like other Finnish bands like Satanic Warmaster and Goatmoon then this shit is right up your alley! Heavy and dark but uses these badass melodies that aren't sappy. We also get a more classic straightforward black metal approach so no synths just straight forward badass Black Metal. We got the stereotypical vocals that are just belting out these lyrics which are clearly Finnish. So yeah Finnish Black Metal fans don't miss out on this fantastic release!
    Riivaus - Lyöden Taudein ja Kirouksin (Full Album)
    Tracklist :
    1. Lyoden Taudein Ja Kirouksin
    2. Uhrirovio
    3. Pakanamalja
    4. Alkemisti
    5. Vihan Temppeli
    6. Tuhkasade
    Festung - Festung
    Festung are an Ambient Black Metal band hailing from Germany. This project is phenomenal the themes of War and Medieval Times just flows so well with the emotions that this demo gives off. This demo is also extrmely raw and it mixes so well with the well placed ambience. This Demo is a trip due to the way it mixes this super raw and brooding Black Metal with these very pretty and melancholic areas of just pure ambience. As the album continues we get sounds of swords and shields clashing really enforcing the War themes we have on this Demo. Overall great Demo Ambient Black Metal fans please check out Festung!
    Festung - Festung (2018) full demo
    Tracklist :
    1. Intro
    2. Burgfried
    3. Wehrgang
    4. Kerker
    This will be a wrap for Volume Two out of many more blogs showcasing my recent discoveries. If you have any recommendations always feel free to DM me and or lay some down in the comments! As usual this is your boi Ghost signing off!
    Written By Ty Haase 
    IG: xherghostinthefogx 
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    Batterskull: Some Recent Black Metal Discoveries Vol.1

    Batterskull: Some Recent Black Metal Discoveries Vol.1

    Hello guys! Today I'm going to be talking about some of my favorite Black Metal discoveries of the week! I will plan on doing these semi often after I do a new music binge (which happens often). So for these blogs I'm only really gonna talk about the albums I've discovered but I'll also touch lightly on the bands themselves. This is not gonna be in my review style so don't be expecting a rating scale or any fancy stuff like that.
    Amnutseba - I-VI

    Amnutseba is a Black Metal band hailing from France. The projects most recent release is only a compilation of material, but after a full listen I can really say this record blew me away. I love how we get these classic Black Metal undertones but also get some experimentive stuff that leans more towards the style of Deathspell Omega. The vocals are pretty straight forward and the drums actual have some weird technical parts that I'm not used to hearing in most the Black Metal I delve into. So if you are looking for some new Black Metal to check out look no further!

    Amnutseba - I-VI (2018) Iron Bonehead Productions - full compilation
    Label:Iron Bonehead
    Release Year : 2018
    Recommended Bands: Deathspell Omega
    Strid - Strid

    Strid is a band I've heard so much about but honestly never actually taken the time to sit and listen to, and boy was I making a huge ass mistake. Strid has been labeled the Pioneers of Depressive Black Metal and comes from Norway. These guys have a very raw and brooding style that reminds me quite abit of Xasthur. The vocals are haunting and the rawness of the recording quality just really kicks you in the ass. The latest update on Strid thats that since 2015 the band has been on hold due to circumstances which I could not find. So if you like some super wicked Depressive Black check these guys out pronto!

    Strid - Strid (Full Album)[1994]
    Label: Self Released
    Release Year : 1994
    Recommended Bands : Xasthur, Mutilation, Striborg, Leviathan
    Moenen Of Xezbeth - Ancient Spells Of Darkness...

    This album was recommended to me by my brother and I loved this album! I was extremely shocked to find out this is also a 2018 release! Moenen Of Xezbeth hails from Belgium and has been active since 2017. These guys have brought that extremely raw Black Metal sound and added some catchy and dark sounding ambience to this record and it sounds fantastic! I cannot wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeves this record is a amazing release so Black Metal fans hop on this!

    Moenen Of Xezbeth - Ancient Spells of Darkness... (2018)
    Label : Nuclear War Now
    Release Year : 2018
    Recommended Bands: Vargrav, Burzum, Empire Of The Moon
    Runespell - Order Of Vengeance

    This is an album that intrigued me by the cover (since I love Fantasy and Folk themed Black metal and Music in general). And this record was a pretty enjoyable listen guys classic and straight up sound that you would expect from Black Metal. Runespell hail from Australia and focus on Medieval themes which is pretty sweet if you ask me. If you like Black Metal with some Medieval vibes give Runespell a listen!

    Runespell - Order of Vengeance (2018) Iron Bonehead Productions - full album
    Label: Iron Bonehead
    Release Year: 2018
    Related Bands: Ungfell, Eternum, Blood Stronghold
    Blyh - Transparent To The World

    Blyh honestly interested me mostly from their name. Blyh is a Black Metal band hailing from Germany who like a few others in the blog are pretty new to the scene. Blyh seems to rely of Melodic riffs more than any other band featured here and they do it in a way that isn't annoying.
    The vocals are very straightforward and so is most of the instrumentation. This record was a fun listen and I will be listening to it more in the future for sure!

    Blyh - Transparent to the World (Full Album)
    Record Label : Independent
    Release Year : 2018
    Recommended Bands: Uada, Dead Moon Temple, Akhlys
    Temple Desecration - Whirlwinds Of Fathomless Chaos

    Temple Desecration are a Death/Black Metal band hailing from Poland. Temple Descration unleash a nasty combo of Death Metal with some pummeling hints of Doom and Black Metal. This record is really badass and it doesn't seem overdone at all and I'm happy its straight to the point and just relentlessly beats you over and over again! Super dark riffs with sick vocals its a killer record! Check out Temple Desecration!

    Temple Desecration - Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos (2018) Iron Bonehead Productions - full album
    Label: Iron Bonehead
    Release Year: 2018
    Recommended Bands: Archgoat, Angelcorpse, Beherit, Weregoat
    Conclusion :
    I really hope you guys found some sick new tunes via this blog! I really have loved the neverending support for my writing from all my Friends and Family. Without your support my will to write would have diminished and never grown to what it is now. Before I get comments about certain bands yes I know they are more Death Metal but they still consider themselves a Blackened Death Metal band so I decided to add them to the list! I have plenty more to come writing wise this week so stay tuned!:wink:  🤘 :smirk:
    Written By Ty Haase 

    IG: xherghostinthefogx 
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    Album Review : Amorphis - Queen Of Time

    Album Review : Amorphis - Queen Of Time

    What is up guys! Today after sitting on my ass most of the day have decided to review one of my personal favorite records of 2018 so far. Which one? Well to answer your question I'll be reviewing Queen Of Time by the almighty Amorphis! Does this album live up the the greatness of Under The Red Cloud? Or could It be even better? Lets find out!

    This album is a hefty and sorta a long one so bear with me here. The album has 10 songs but actually has twelve if you include bonus tracks,but the songs are all about five minutes or above so strap on your seatbelts its gonna be a long ass ride. Before we get into this discussion via the comments let me clarify this now. Amorphis has not returned to their heavy form at all via this record and I dont believe they ever will. So might as well put your seatbelts back on because this record is a trip.


    1.The Bee

    2.Message In The Amber

    3.Daughter Of Hate

    4.The Golden Elk

    5.Wrong Direction

    6.Heart Of The Giant

    7.We Accursed

    8.Grain Of Sand

    9.Amongst Stars

    10.Pyres On The Coast

    11. As Mountains Crumble

    12.Brother And Sister

    My Favorite Tracks?

    The Bee

    This song may honestly be one of my favorite songs on the record and it happens to be the first song on the record. The song starts off with some flutes and what sounds like female vocals. After that progresses you get kicked in the face with this heavy riff (Not Death Metal heavy). This song specially in the intro gives me A Wintersun vibe with very bright sounds and super epic sounding synths. This song has very and I mean very good clean vocals and these cleans with the chorus are amazing. This in my opinion is a hell of a way to open a new record!


    The Golden Elk

    This song just like The Bee has a pretty sweet intro that features female vocals and erupts into this super Melodic riff. This song then goes into a heavier riff and is followed by the growling vocals which is super badass. We also seem to have flutes or some shit in the background giving this song a super middle eastern or folky atmosphere. We then get to the awesome chorus with those amazing ass cleans. As the song continues we get a super middle eastern influenced riff that eventually kicks back into this wicked ass chorus. Then we get this cool orchestral intermezzo in the song which breaks it away from dragging on a certain part for so long. We then get some acoustic instruments and those very faint female vocals. The song kicks back into a slowed down and growled version of the chorus and is accompanied by some orchestrals.

    The Golden Elk

    Wrong Direction

    This song is almost more of a ballad on the record and starts off with a faster paced intro with some sweet ass guitar work. We then get the song that slows down and gets hit with awesome ass atmospherics. We get only cleans in this song which is awesome because I do feel their is alot more emotion in this song. And we get yet another awesome ass chorus! Amazing cleans and the instrumentals sounds almost what I would describe as Heavenly and super melodic. This song really represents what Amorphis does best in my opinion. Awesome Ass Chorus, Cleans with growls mixed, and super melodic riffing. We get some flutes showcased on the record which is super sweet and it just makes this song so fucking great! We then get this amazing ass buildup that kicks back into the awesome ass chorus. This song for real blew my mind and is a complete standout on this record!

    AMORPHIS - Wrong Direction (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    Amongst Stars

    This song is easily the most melodic and laid back song of the record. And it mixes cleans and female guest vocals which is fucking sweet. I'm usually not big on guest female vocals but this doesn't kill the flow of the song at all. On the chorus we get the female vocals singing being backed up by the growls which is awesome. The verses are super nice and aren't overly corny at all. Many songs like this really do have a tendency to be terrible and corny but we don't get that here in my opinion. We then get yet another flute and folk instrument passage backed up with a sick ass keyboard solo and super epic synths. The vocals on this track are just fan fucking tastic guys! Now the song isn't a super long and overdone song and there is enough mixed in to keep a listener listening for the whole track which is dope!


    Daughter Of Hate

    This song is sorta a hefty track but it doesn't disappoint at all! We get this heavier and darker riff on this song and we even get some guest vocals to help add a bonus of screaming onto this tune. The riff is sweet and like a few others does carry this distinct middle eastern vibe which I dig. The guest vocals really add some power onto the verses and choruses on this tune. The chorus is very heavy for this record and it doesn't over do anything. We get into these chanty back vocals a good bit through the song and we get a dark but still melodic riff that carries on. We also get a super amazing solo which just keeps you so locked into this tune. And the tune seems to mellow out and I believe we do get some finnish somewhere on this track as well!

    Amorphis - Daughter of Hate (lyrics)

    Heart Of A Giant

    This song carries the biggest influence from Middle Eastern music in my opinion and almost sounds like it should be in a movie. This song is epic as all hell! Badass riffing and choruses and it has its heavy monents but always relies on that hooking chorus. We get alot of extra percussion in here such as shakers and maybe some bells. The main riff is so badass and its catchy as all hell. This could be one of my favorites on the record but in a way it is alittle overdrawn.

    Heart Of The Giant

    Final Verdict:

    This album was and still is a fantastic listen. All the tracks were awesome and I cannot wait to see them in Baltimore in October. This album has everything that I love. Amazing ass choruses and epic lyrics! Awesome ass riffs and I love how melodic they are! The cleans on this record are amazing and just make me wanna listen to the song again! This album does include more folk elements such as Flutes and some Finnish language. I really do love this band and most of the stuff they have put out. This record in ways does beat Under The Red Cloud but I do believe they are about dead even. This album is an amazing trip guys if you love stuff that can shift from this mellow and beautiful style but then hits you with this super folkly and faintly dark lyricism then check this record out please! This album is for sure top five of 2018 and it could possibly move closer to number one. This album from front to back is an awesome journey. So Melodeath fans check this shit out and show it some love why don't ya? Thanks for reading guys and I'll see you all via my next review!

    Rating : 9/10


    Written By Ty Haase 
    IG: xherghostinthefogx 


    9 Popular and Underrated Underground Bands The Community Should Check Out Vol. 1

    Popular and Underated, Underground bands

    Hello guys! Today I've decided to break away from reviews for a few days and do something that I have been eagerly requested to do for my buddies in Batterskull!
    Today I will be showcasing some of my favorite underground or as I will say Up And Coming bands. Now I know some of these may not be super Trve and not extremely underground, but they still have slowly risen from the ashes of a lot of other bands and shown alot of promise for the future of the Metal Underground.


    FullOfHell has gained so much traction due to a few major breakout releases and Splits including "Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light" and Trumpeting Ecstasy. FullOfHell plays a very nasty and noisey style of Grindcore that is absolutely insane to witness live and on record. The band in a way have added some unique things to the mix such as focusing more on the Noise part of their music which mixes with acts such as The Body. And mixing some very very small tinges of Black Metal mostly shown by the Vocals that at times go from gutterals to these highs that almost remind me of Wrest from Leviathan. So If you want go ahead and check out FullOfHell for any Grindcore fans.
    FULL OF HELL - Deluminate (official audio)
    Dawn Ray'd
    Dawn Ray'd are a Black Metal band hailing from Liverpool. These guys have grown due to their lyrical and political differences in the Black Metal scene. As many acts in Black Metal lean more towards The Right, Dawn Ray'd leans a lot more towards the Left. They have been labeled with the term Anarchist Black Metal which sounds pretty sweet (In My Opinion). Overall these guys add a Violin to the mix with the music which isn't the most rare thing to Metal these days but, the addition of a Violin does not ruin the flow of the music. These guys boomed last year with their second Full Length An Unlawful Assembly. This record spread like wildfire upon release and was reviewed and shouted out by many media pages. These guys have a lot of potential and they have the fuel of their political opinions to keep on writing and touring.



    Wormwitch are a band that hasn't hit a big boom in popularity yet but I feel will on their next release. Wormwitch is a Black/Thrash band hailing from Vancouver, Canada. These guys have alot and I mean alot of potential taking alot of influence from Bathory and Venom and mixing it with these almost fantasyish lyrics and themes is pretty sweet. These guys have one full length out currently called "Strike Mortal Soil". Wormwitch have gained enough traction to do a full US tour with The Black Dahlia Murder and Suffocation, and i believe will be on many other sick ass tours in the future!


    Signs Of The Swarm

    Signs Of The Swarm is a Slamming Deathcore band hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These guys exploded last year with their single "Cesspool Of Ignorance". Signs Of The Swarm has been popular in the underground Deathcore scene for many years but never exploded until 2017. These guys play a super heavy and crushing style of Deathcore, the vocals are killer instrumentation is heavy and gets right to the point. The newest record from Signs Of The Swarm entitled "The Disfigurement Of Existence" is heavy as balls. These guys have gotten alot of traction and have been added to tours such as Devastation Of The Nation and The Level Above Human US tour being openers for Ingested. If you like Deathcore please jesus check out these guys!


    Black Crown Intiate

    Black Crown Intiate is a Progressive Death Metal band hailing from Reading, Pennslyvania. These guys play a super melodic and technical style of Death Metal that takes tinges of Opeth and Solstafir and sorta mixes them together. Both of their records are fantastic stuff and have really gained them a mighty reputation in the Metal scene. Selves We Cannot Forgive just showcases how well this band can balance the awesome melodic riffs with these punishing vocals and off time rhythms. The mix of the harsh and clean vocals also draws many people in to check these guys out. Black Crown Intiate is currently in the studio working on another album and I can't be anyless excited to hear what these guys can brew up in the studio.

    Black Crown Initiate - Selves We Cannot Forgive


    Anciients is a Progressive Metal band hailing from Vancouver, Canada. These guys like Wormwitch have not hit a giant boom in popularity in the states but do have a solid following in Canada. Anciients plays a super riff heavy mix of Sludge and Progressive Metal. They also mix the Cleans and Harsh vocals very well and rely more on the riff. These guys sound like a more sludgy version of Mastodon (Blood Mountain Era). Voice Of The Void got these guys signed to Seasons Of Mist which is a pretty popular label within the Metal Community. These guys like Wormwitch have a lot of potential and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this band!

    Anciients - Following the Voice (Official Premiere)

    Artificial Brain

    Artificial Brain is a Progressive and or Tech Death band hailing from New York. These guys gained a solid following with their debut "Labyrinth Constellation". The vocals are mostly in the style of Brutal Death Metal which is slightly weird for a band that goes in a more Gorguts style instrument wise, but as you adjust you will see just how unique these guys really are. These guys have really expansive lyrical inspirations and mainly focus on as they say "Capturing The Futility Of Existence". These guys then released an amazing sophomore record entitled "Infared Horizon". This granted them an opening to play with Cattle Decapitation and a few other deals such as a headliner ( which I'm seeing).

    ARTIFICIAL BRAIN - Synthesized Instinct (official audio)


    Eneferens is a One - Man Atmospheric Black Metal band hailing from Minnesota. Eneferens is an amazing project which in my opinion is extremely underrated. The vocals go from Clean to Harsh and coexist with these melodic passages that can lead into these heavier sections. You also slightly get a vibe of Death Doom but its not heavily prevalent. The lyrics focus alot on nature and Minnesota which is very cool. Eneferens has so much potential and I hope many other people do happen to see it as well!

    ENEFERENS - Ascension (Official 2017)


    Batushka is a Black Metal band hailing from Poland. These guys have brought some pretty cool things to the table and such as Chants and a very cool stage presence that reminds me alot of Portal. Their debut record "Litourgiya" blew up when it was released and has people dying for a new record. Litourgiya may be one of the greatest Black Metal records of the 2010s due to how unique it is from the Black Metal you normally hear. Batushka has recently been signed to Metal Blade Records and is playing a few shows in the US. These guys have alot to live up to for the second record and have alot of potential. These guys are absolutely mind blowing and Litourgiya is addicting as hell so go and check it out!

    Batushka - Yekteniya 1

    Written By Ty Haase 
    IG: xherghostinthefogx 


    Concert Review: Tomb Mold with Of Father and Bone by Ty Haase

    Ripping Headaches Shop Poster at the Atlas Brew Works. Tomb Mold with Of Father and Bone.

    Hello guys it's your boi Ty here and today I will be doing yet another concert review for you guys! I had a blast at this show and this show was absolutely insane! As usual i will be breaking down the bands as the sets ran from Opener to Headliner ; and I'll be talking about the merch I scooped up from this badass show. This show was at a super wicked and small venue called Atlas Brew Works in Washington DC and was only 12 dollars to get in. So lets get onto the music shall we!


    Ilsa is a Doom Metal band hailing straight from Washington DC. Ilsa really took me by surprise to be honest. This is a band I've never heard of and I wasn't super excited to see them, But they put on an excellent show! These guys mixed that super buzzy doom metal sound with some of the vocal stylings of The Body and Thou. The set was super loud and was very riff driven. If you like shit like Windhand and Thou please jesus check these guys out! The only thing that sorta brought them down was the lack of a stage presence but they made up for that with killer riffs and very sick tunes. You can check out Ilsa at Relapse Records I believe they do also have a Bandcamp (I can be wrong).
    Rating: 8/10
    ILSA - Long Lost Friend (Official Audio)

    Outer Heaven:

    Up next was Outer Heaven which was a band I was familiar with name wise but not music wise. And wow did they steal this show guys! Awesome presence, fucking killer and raw ass riffs, badass guttural vocals. What else needs to be said! The singer was super rowdy and was shoving people and losing his shit as some of these dark and brooding riffs hit. This is what Ilsa missed and lacked,the badass stage presence that these guys had. Even though they seemed fucking crazy on stage they were all super nice guys and will be releasing their first Full Length album in the Fall! If you like dirty and pounding death metal please jesus check out Outer Heaven! They are on Spotify and Bandcamp.
    Rating: 9/10
    OUTER HEAVEN - Into Hellfire (Official Music Video)

    Of Feather And Bone :

    Of Feather And Bone has gained a shit ton of popularity in the Death Metal scene recently with their 2018 album Bestial Hymns Of Perversion. And these guys do deserve the credit the record was fucking amazing so do check it out! Their live show was pretty solid but a few things did lack and kill the performance but lets discuss the positives before the negatives shall we. These guys had Dual vocalist which was pretty well mixed between the two. I liked how one vocal style was not overdone and the main focus and i like the change ups. Some of the riffs and rhythm changes were super badass and got people headbanging. So what were the negatives? The drums were tuned way too low in my opinion. The only part of the drums I could hear is the Highhat and the Snare. Now this didn't murder the set but when you obsessively hear a snare for 20 minutes doing the same blast beat pattern it got abit exessive. Now do the negatives outweigh the positives? Hell no they don't they still slayed and even with the drums all weird out on a badass set!
    Rating: 8/10
    OF FEATHER AND BONE - Lust For Torment (official audio)

    Tomb Mold :

    Tomb Mold was my main reason to go to this show and I was super stoked for them. Tomb Mold has boomed recently with some killer death metal releases! Tomb Mold delivered on all cylinders at this show guys! Super dirty live sound with some classic OSDM riffing it slayed. Plenty of windmill moments for me at the show due to the speedy riffs and dirty vocals. The set flew by though and it did seem super short mainly due to the song length differences between all the bands. I really love the Autopsy vibe you get from Tomb Mold the vocals are almost more of a bark than a super guttural vocal style. Tomb Mold also had a few slightly melodic sections in some of their tunes which was for sure not prevalent in any of the previous acts. Which made them stand out and they had a solo which was a first for the show at that point. So Tomb Mold destroyed and it was a very good time! If you wanna check em out they are everywhere Spotify, Bandcamp, Etc...

    Rating: 8.5/10

    TOMB MOLD - Abysswalker (From 'Manor Of Infinite Forms' LP 2018)
    The Merch! :
    The merch for this show was super cheap which was badass and i got some pretty wicked stuff for pretty cheap!
    Outer Heaven Shirt
    Outer Heaven Vinyl
    Ilsa Vinyl
    Ilsa CD
    I did not get any Of Feather And Bone Merch or Tomb Mold merch due to the lack of the cooler shirts being in my size.


    Thank you guys for reading this review i decided to do this badboy last minute so I hope it turned out ok! There will be plenty more reviews in the future for sure and of course other blogs from time to time!
    Written By Ty Haase 
    IG: xherghostinthefogx