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    News, Reviews & Interviews

    What To Wear: Halloween Witch Queen T-Shirt for Men & Women

    Halloween Witch Queen T-Shirt

    It's been several months since I've considered looking at some new art pieces to add to the Batterskull Exclusive's collection. The original three skull designs were a hit but were losing their hype. 

    Halloween is just around the corner and I wanted a special t-shirt to be showcased for everyone's favorite holiday. The Witch Queen was conceived! Not really, I just bought it off of some guy. But don't think that I don't take the time to carefully look at what it is I am purchasing and what I think will be hit. It's a lot of pressure for one guy to handle.

    It's not a cheap project and so I turned to my 10,000+ Instagram followers for some help on getting the shirt into production. Everyone went WILD for it! For a small part time business 5 orders in one day is a really good day for me but instead I got15 orders in less than 24 hours! All the stress and anxiety that was all built up suddenly dissipated. 

    You can still find the shirt available for pre-order here.

    Witch Queen T-Shirt Sleeve Print

    Here is the graphic that will be screen printed onto the sleeves of the Witch Queen T-Shirt.

    Halloween Witch Queen T-Shirt Mock Up

    The Witch Queen Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mock-up of the finished product. 

    Witch Queen Poster

    If you want to pick up the art print of the Witch Queen you can do that by clicking on the photo directly above from here to take you to see our posters and other home essentials.

    You can find my Instagram her: @darryl_bsco for exclusive sneak peaks and designs that didn't make the cut. 

    Batterbabe: Miranda Worthington Introduction.

    Miranda Worthington with Purple Hair | Hipster | Alternative model

    Hi everyone, I’m Miranda! I’m an aspiring model, make up fanatic & music lover from the DTX area. Modeling for me has been extremely therapeutic and has become such a passion of mine over the last year. It’s amazing being able to feel beautiful in the skin I’m in and even more amazing to genuinely be who I want to be in front of the camera. I’m body positive, passionate, determined and thriving.
    IG: randaxalyce | FB: Miranda Worthington

    Miranda Worthington of Batterskull

    Batterskull Model: Mackenzie

    Batterskull Model: Mackenzie

    Hello everyone, I am Mackenzie, an alternative model based out of the NE area. I am a mother to a darling little boy, and an artist at heart. I have a passion for self expression, and I share it through tattoos, paintings, and modeling.
    Modeling is an important factor in my life, because it gives me the ability to share who I am from behind the camera. It empowers me to feel confident, and assists greatly with overcoming the more challenging factors in life. Art is the perfect outlet, and I respect all the forms that us humans create. 

    Fashion trends: What decade are you?

    Fashion trends: What decade are you?

    Throughout some of musics biggest decades clear fashion trends have been seen, helping to solidify a decades place in history.
    THE 1970’s
    The 1970’s gave birth to numerous new fashion ideas that have stayed prevalent from the times in which they were trendy to our modern day. From the ever recognizable ‘hippie’ stylings which included bell bottoms and fringe to ‘disco’ inspired pantsuits, the 1970’s became a key decade for fashion. Believe it or not, modern day youth still uses these looks for inspiration. I myself even gravitate some days toward flared jeans and tucked in blouses (as seen in the picture below—photo courtesy of Google) to create a more ‘vintage’ look—because after all, ‘vintage’ is ‘in.’
    Portrayal of these styles have also been show in popular culture. From shows like That 70’s Show and Vinyl, to movies like Almost Famous and Dazed And Confused—they were all created to help replicate the 1970’s. The famous doll company, American Girl even created a doll inspired by the 1970’s—dressing her in blue bell bottoms and a white, flowy top.
    THE 1980’s
    The 1980’s—a whole new decade that of course brought a whole new wave of fashion. I tend to identify with this decade the most as 1980’s glam rock without a doubt has my heart. Although inspirations from the 1970’s were still existent with high waisted jeans and baseball tees; with the emergence of harder rock came the dawn of leather, leather, and more leather. Of course, the 80’s also had it’s fair share of styles that we wouldn’t mind forgetting: including matching sweaters, sweatbands, sweatsuits, and of course the infamous multi-colored handprints adorned on a tee shirt dress. 
    In the 1980’s, spandex also came alive. Worn by musicians and actors alike, seeing these items worn by celebrities only made fans want to wear these pieces. These styles were also seen in entertainment of the time including movies by famous director John Hughes such as The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles as well as sitcoms like Full House.
    THE 1990’s
    Eventually society grew out of neon and skin tight everything, and moved on to what is now known as 90’s fashion. Grunge was of course big at the time, and bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam helped set the tone for the decade. Flannels became ‘in’, as well as the ever so typical black leggings with an oversized sweater ‘look.’ 90’s fashion varied far and wide, and included a multitude of different popular styles. 
    Take the movie ‘Clueless’ for example. Released in 1995, the movie showcases some of the time accurate style of the 1990’s. Although the main character Cher is portrayed as a wealthy teen, her style showcases some of the iconic attire of the decade—plaid, knee high socks, hats, and headbands.
    What decade are you? And always remember that our iconic BATTERSKULL tees will fit into your closet no matter what decade you admire—you can tuck our menacing tees into your bellbottom jeans, wear them with your favorite pair of leather pants, or with your favorite leggings.
    Also, be sure to stay up to date on all of Batterskull’s social media to be the first one informed about all of our new collections and giveaways, and join our mailing list to get special offers right in your inbox before anyone else.
    Sydney Taylor
    IG: @sydneytaylorguitar
    Twitter: @STaylorOfficial