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    What is Batterskull and where did it come from.

    Motorcycle | Metal Fashion | Alternative Fashion | What is Batterskull | Man in biker boot's on hiw motorcycle

    Batterskull is the brainchild of Darryl Torres, a die hard fan of all that is heavy metal,  menacing graphics and brutal art. He is also a former musician, artist and event planner. Batterskull is his way of expressing what he once used to live and breath for in his pre children days. 
    The name Batterskull came to him from one of his all time favorite card games, Magic: The Gathering. Only he's much more about awesome tees with awesome pictures for metal heads and alternative fashion lovers.
    So kick back and explore our dark themed site (go home).

     Batterskull Apparel | Menacing Graphic Tee's | Evil Inspired Art | Dark Skull Art