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    What To Wear: Halloween Witch Queen T-Shirt for Men & Women

    Halloween Witch Queen T-Shirt

    It's been several months since I've considered looking at some new art pieces to add to the Batterskull Exclusive's collection. The original three skull designs were a hit but were losing their hype. 

    Halloween is just around the corner and I wanted a special t-shirt to be showcased for everyone's favorite holiday. The Witch Queen was conceived! Not really, I just bought it off of some guy. But don't think that I don't take the time to carefully look at what it is I am purchasing and what I think will be hit. It's a lot of pressure for one guy to handle.

    It's not a cheap project and so I turned to my 10,000+ Instagram followers for some help on getting the shirt into production. Everyone went WILD for it! For a small part time business 5 orders in one day is a really good day for me but instead I got15 orders in less than 24 hours! All the stress and anxiety that was all built up suddenly dissipated. 

    You can still find the shirt available for pre-order here.

    Witch Queen T-Shirt Sleeve Print

    Here is the graphic that will be screen printed onto the sleeves of the Witch Queen T-Shirt.

    Halloween Witch Queen T-Shirt Mock Up

    The Witch Queen Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mock-up of the finished product. 

    Witch Queen Poster

    If you want to pick up the art print of the Witch Queen you can do that by clicking on the photo directly above from here to take you to see our posters and other home essentials.

    You can find my Instagram her: @darryl_bsco for exclusive sneak peaks and designs that didn't make the cut. 

    What is Batterskull and where did it come from.

    Motorcycle | Metal Fashion | Alternative Fashion | What is Batterskull | Man in biker boot's on hiw motorcycle

    Batterskull is the brainchild of Darryl Torres, a die hard fan of all that is heavy metal,  menacing graphics and brutal art. He is also a former musician, artist and event planner. Batterskull is his way of expressing what he once used to live and breath for in his pre children days. 
    The name Batterskull came to him from one of his all time favorite card games, Magic: The Gathering. Only he's much more about awesome tees with awesome pictures for metal heads and alternative fashion lovers.
    So kick back and explore our dark themed site (go home).

     Batterskull Apparel | Menacing Graphic Tee's | Evil Inspired Art | Dark Skull Art