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    It’s no secret that wearing band shirts, specifically from the rock genre, has become a new fad in today’s popular culture. The same stylings that used to label metal fans as ‘strange’ or ‘outcasts’ by societal standards are now the new normal. Shirts adorned with the logos of bands ranging from Def Leppard to Metallica to even Iron Maiden are featured on crop tops and tees and are seen in large retail stores. With this, it brings the endless stream of consumers wearing the apparel with hardly any idea as to who or what they’re representing. “Celebrities” along the likes of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber photographed wearing these tees only end up adding to the hype.
                Band shirts, for so many rock and metal fans like myself, are used to express not only musical interests but pure dedication and love for bands that we admire. We wear these shirts to shows, and even during our day to day lives to help show others what we’re into and to connect with others who share a common passion.
                Nowadays, the circulation of band shirts in modern stores such as Forever 21 has changed this; merchandise now being worn for a purely separate intention: for fashion. I think we’ve all seen the video that went viral on the internet about a year or two ago. The young girl wearing a Nirvana shirt…  the band’s famous tune “Come As You Are” playing in the background as she’s questioned about who’s performing the song. The look of pure confusion on her face was both hilarious and sad. I’ve had my own fair share of experiences like this as well, having my own fun testing the knowledge of whichever one of my peers around the halls of my old high school or current university was seen wearing a logo.
                My favorite was when someone I knew showed up to class wearing a Def Leppard long sleeved shirt. I asked for the name of one of their records, and I was answered back with something along the lines of, “I don’t know.” The best part was the word Pyromania was printed on the side… once again, so funny yet so awful.
                Of course we can’t forget all about the recent Kardashian scandal in which Kendall and Kyler Jenner took it upon themselves to plaster their face across famous logos and faces of rockstars such as Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica (which got tremendous backlash from the artists themselves causing the shirts to be dismissed prior to release—thank god).
                Why do you think the idea of the metal scene (or at least the logos) has reached such a high popularity in today’s culture and what are your personal thoughts about the famous ‘band shirt’ debate? Would you rather only fans of the artists ‘rep your favorite bands or do you believe it’s not at all a form of mockery? Whatever you choose, be sure to let us at Batterskull know!
                Also, feel free to shop around and buy your fellow (REAL) rock fans one of Batterskull’s graphic tees and be sure to check out of all of their newest additions in apparel and accessories to the site! You’re gonna love them!
                See ya next time, and until then:
                “Be what you want, fuck what they want!” — Batterskull.
                Sydney Taylor
                IG: @sydneytaylorofficial
                Twitter: @STaylorOfficial

    Who is Batterskull: From Sydney Taylor's

    Sydney Taylor | Menacing Graphic Tees | Perfect fit tee | Handrawn Shirt Graphics

     Do you like art? Especially art centered around the ‘dark’ and ‘evil’? Well, look no further than the breakout clothing company established within the last year, Batterskull.

    Menacing Graphic Tee's | Alternative Fashion | American Made Clothing Brand

                When the Batterskull team approached me to be a contributing writer for the new and growing blog section of their website, I was more than thrilled to say yes. A company based around badass shirts, tattoos, AND metal music? It was a no brainer to become involved.
                As the ‘about’ section of the website states, Batterskull is the brainchild of CEO/Founder, Darryl Torres, who has a strong passion for all things ‘dark’, and as he describes, ‘menacing.’ Torres’ passion is what drives the company, which is based in Orange County, CA. Batterskull specializes in the creation of the ‘perfect’ shirt that you, the customer, can wear for absolutely any occasion. Whether you’re on your way to a metal show, hanging out with friends and jamming to your favorite songs, or if you’re looking for the ultimate shirt to pair with jeans for a casual day out.

    Alternative Apparel | Men's Fashion | Menacing Graphic Tee's

                Apart from their signature graphic tees, one of the coolest things about their Batterskull tees (which you can purchase on the website you’re currently viewing this on—go check it out, you will not regret it), is the fact that the incredible design's are HANDDRAWN (remarkable, right?!?) and 100% American made; which is without a doubt a rarity in today’s consumer market.
                But don’t be alarmed if you’re looking to buy up even more kickass shirt designs from the team; the Batterskull team has many new products in the works, and are developing new apparel every single day, including new artworks to feature on their perfect fit tee shirts, and new Batterskull accessories as well.
                Be sure to follow Batterskull on all of their social media, especially their Instagram at @batterskull to stay up to date on all new additions/apparel, sales and discounts on items, clothing reps, as well as new uploads to the growing blog portion of their site (which you will see me contributing on quite a bit)!
     Social Media Icon | Facebook Icon | Link to Batterskull Facebook Instagram Link to Batterskull Appare | Menacing Graphic Tee's
                As well as staying in touch with Batterskull on their social media pages, make sure to sign up for Batterskull’s mailing list to not only receive updates on all things Batterskull as soon as it’s made available, but one lucky email subscriber will be chosen as the winner of their monthly giveaway, receiving some amazing Batterskull swag starting next month in April!
                I’ll leave you with this to keep in mind for the rest of your week,
                As Batterskull says,
                “Be what you want, fuck what they want!”

    Where to get American made t-shirt's: Batterskull Apparel

    Alternative Apparel | Metal Apparel | Fuck You | Menacing Graphic Tee's

                There's something special about owning that go to basic t-shirt that's perfect for any occasion. It’s a simple wearable that hangs in everyone's closet, but when the fabric is right and the fit is spot on, there’s nothing better. This is what we accomplished with our American made Batterskull t-shirts. We didn't source a t-shirt from the cheapest manufacturer and plaster a menacing graphic on it and decide to call our selves a premium brand. No, we found something truly special that is 100% quality from start to finish so that we have the right to call our selves a premium brand. 

    Royal Apparel | American Made | Made in USA | Quality Clothing and T-Shirts

              Royal Apparel provides the top quality t-shirt's that we use for our Batterskull graphics. Our goal was to find the perfect everyday jersey T and we found it. The weight of a t-shirt is key -- too heavy and it feels uncomfortable, too light and it may not be sturdy enough to last you more than a few months. This jersey has enough strength and heft to last through anything you throw at it, but is also breathable and thin enough to be a great layering piece. A soft feel is also a must. We keep it simple, with a clean jet black base and awesome evil graphics. Pair this with black or blue jeans and your ready for a wild fucking day! 

    Sewing Machine | Alternative Fashion | Menacing Graphic Tees | How To Sew Quality Clothes

                We set out to provide the right balance between a custom tailored fit and an easy to wear piece. The shoulders are fitted, the sleeves hit at just the right point on the arm and are tight enough to prevent them from flaring out and the body is slightly tapered. Finally, the length hits just right so it falls below the waist line. Overall this shirt is meant to look awesome and clean. 

    Take a look at our collection.

    Batterskull | Apparel | Menacing Graphic Tees | Alternative Fashion | Evil Inspired Art | Skull Art


    Who is Murkocet - All four official band members lined up

    Who is Murkocet?
    We're not entirely sure our selves. We just work with them and we really like their music!
    On a serious note:
    We've never actually met the band members of Murkocet only through email and Instagram. The lead guitarist of Murkocet, Nate Garrett reached out to us through IG (@murkocet). From that point on we've been helping each other out from time to time.
    Enjoy this video from their youtube channel - Murkocet Official 
    You'll soon find out why teaming up with these guys was one of Batterskull's best decisions ever. Nate is an extremely talented guitarist and just straight fucking kills it in this video! 


    What is Batterskull and where did it come from.

    Motorcycle | Metal Fashion | Alternative Fashion | What is Batterskull | Man in biker boot's on hiw motorcycle

    Batterskull is the brainchild of Darryl Torres, a die hard fan of all that is heavy metal,  menacing graphics and brutal art. He is also a former musician, artist and event planner. Batterskull is his way of expressing what he once used to live and breath for in his pre children days. 
    The name Batterskull came to him from one of his all time favorite card games, Magic: The Gathering. Only he's much more about awesome tees with awesome pictures for metal heads and alternative fashion lovers.
    So kick back and explore our dark themed site (go home).

     Batterskull Apparel | Menacing Graphic Tee's | Evil Inspired Art | Dark Skull Art