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    The coolest graphic tee you will ever see. Designed to look evil and menacing.

    We have one of the coolest graphic tees to date! 
    People are absolutely in love with this one! All our polls clearly tell us that this is like nothing you've ever seen before. We don't blame them, this thing is top of the line.
    All Batterskull T-Shirts are American made products including this one. Even the art on this tee was designed and hand drawn by an American.
    This tee is sick though....way beyond cool.
    The art on this isn't your typical "traditional tattoo inspired" piece that has been so over played by other clothing manufacturers. Yes, we have a few of those in our collection but for our flagship shirt we wanted to go a different route. 
    This shirt is using real art, created with real talent and is very much the coolest fucking tee you will ever see. 
    Click here: To View "All Seeing Death"